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Actually, This is taken from the book : star wars: the old republic: revan"

" Revan, renowned as "The Revanchist" and dreaded as the Sith Lord Darth Revan, was an eminent Jedi Knight turned conquering Dark Lord of the Sith until, stripped of his true persona, he returned to the crumbling Jedi Order and helped defeat the Sith Empire he had established. " after defeating the Lord malak he got rewarded with the Cross of Glory, the Republic's highest award and the Jedi Order proclaimend him the Prodigal Knight. then He married bastilla , even though the jedi order was against it. Then Bastilla got pregnant. Revan then traveled to unexplored places of the galaxy with Admiral Carth Onas. He also went back to korriban ando subdue the threat of any potential Sith insurgents. After that he became a Jedi master. At the end he really was a good jedi, but some say he is the first Grey Jedi. Neither good or evil.

"The Force always strives for balance. The Emperor is an agent of darkness and destruction. It is inevitable that a champion of the light will one day rise to oppose him. I may be that champion."