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Story line - I am slightly disapointed in the beginning story lines for Jedi. Both Counselors and Knights. To begin with, I thought more emphasis should be put on learning the jedi code, the ways of the force and diplomacy. I know this cannt be changed now, but maybe some additional story line in that area would be helpful as an 'alternative' route to take later? All youd have to do is add a answer to the intial questions to allow the option of not killing things for your first quest and more of a Jedi story where you learn to lift rocks etc as you see everybody else doing, or take trials that teach you the Jedi code and discernment. This to me would be very cool and alot better then ok go kill ten of these things. To me I can see the troopers getting a story line like that but Jedi should not be started off killing things lol. It kind of defeats the entire point, and so far through out tython and coruscant I am constantly told go kill this, bonuses for killing more etc, that should almost be just the opposite, see if you can complete the goal without killing anything, or penalties for killing to many etc , you are supposed to not kill things as a Jedi, that is even part of the main quest lines, how you will not kill something if you can help it. So starting out and most of the initial story line being see how many you can kill, bonuses for killign more is a bit hypocritical in my opinion, Sith ya I can see that but Jedi?

The jedi story line is a bit hypocritical to start you off killing things and making you do so for most of the game.

But again as I said, I really like this game,
but maybe better rewards and punishments for conversations AND added quests if answering certain ways (with benefits depending on the way you answered) more 'choose your own adventure' and less 'cookie cutter' story line.

And to top it all off, maybe an entire optional story line where killing anything is bad and counts against you (while keeping the current bonuses for killing more on the sith side), and teaches you more of the jedi code and way. With maybe bonuses to gear and such like light side gear, but even more so if you kill less then say 3 people a level or soemthing lol, idk quite how that would work, but wouldn't it be nice to play a character that stands for justice and not killing if possible, to have that option?

(maybe jedi need more cc buttons and sith need more dps buttons:P, might help the complaints I have heard that the two opposing clases are actually the exact same, sith get extra attacks to kill more stuff, jedi get more and longer cc to not have to kill but can still get objectives done)

edit forgot the ending

To sum up (all three suggestions):
1. New alternative story line for jedi to not have to kill, and instead to learn diplomacy and ways of the force for padawan training.
2. Better female textures and body shape options and an additional body shape option for men in the middle. And allowing high res textures back, or fixing them.
3. Guild functions such as invite from the guild list, wisper from the guild list, more ranks and a way for new players to not only browse on server guilds, but also to request invites and to be able to invite them when not online so they get the option the next time they log in to join.

PS. Thank you also, and if any of this sounds like a complaint it is not, I really like this game. The closest thing to a complaint would be that we are not catering even slightly to female players and customizing female characters anywhere close to what they want.

May the force be with you and your lightsaber or blasters always glow the color you want.