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agreed, tanking a target's foot is pretty lame.

LotRO developed a neat fight against a giant target based on that... the new Dragoch raid involves attacking a massive dragon, and you do still have to attack the feet, but the tank has to be on an entirely different level than the rest of the raid, tanking the dragon's head. Once you finish off the feet, the dragon loses his footing and falls down, allowing you to attack his body. Much more realistic than most of the "talon tanking" fights of the past, while still having the same basic effect.

To be fair, a "real jedi" would be an insanely difficult target. Force abilities in the game tend to be very weak by comparison to what we expect from the movies. A Jedi should, for instance, be able to sense the attacks of his enemies, deflecting blaster bolts, parrying weapon attacks, and so on. In effect, it should be impossible to hit him. All the while, he can also be throwing objects around, which can do pretty massive damage.

But since half of our players are also force users, the theory is that these users simply counteract the effects (e.g. Obi-Wan & Anakin's fight in 3, when they try to use the force against each other and find the effects cancel out).

What we could do instead is have a "master jedi" overseeing a fight with several knights. The knights are keeping us busy while the master is throwing objects around. Maybe there's a mechanic as well where you have to throw an object back at the master to hit him, but can only do so after he throws one at you and misses.
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