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Hey all, I did this Boarding Party Flashpoint (Empire side) about 10+ times the other day and I am confident I could do it in my sleep. To those on Twin Spears that ran it with me (Darkremedy) top notch job guys, ran through that place like butter multiple times.

1st Boss: Big Robot dude
Things to know: Easy boss, tank and spank
Throws circles on the ground that you need to avoid lest you take a big damage hit
Does a lightning charge in the room, DO NOT stand in the lightning (duh) or you will die.
Easy mode fight

2nd Boss: Commander whats his face. 2 Jedi Healers and a big boss man that does high damage.
CC the healers AFTER the tank pulls him away from the healers or the Boss will AoE them back to life. Then it is up to your healer to shield/heal you throw the massive damage the boss throws at you. The healers will wake up normally right after kill the boss and then you just have to DPS them down.

3rd Boss: The Engineer with Assault mechs.
Kill the robots first. It doesn't matter what order, just kill them first or you will regret it! None of these can be CCed so "foget abaut it!" You will notice red words that flash on your screen that describe the boss overloading the reactors. Pay attention to the beginning of the text, it will say something like "BACK LEFT" or "FRONT RIGHT". All you do is move in the opposite direction of what it says.

4th Boss group: The 3 Stooges. Shield man, medic man, and boss man.
The order is Shield man (because hes melee and goes after you anyways), medic man, then boss man (with the grenade launcher). I find it easier to mark them crosshair, flame, and shield. Easy enough (yellow, red, blue).

What you do with this fight is have your tank kite the Shield man to the room in the back that you killed the two elites. Kite him all the way back to the marines at the back door way as they will help a little bit with the fight. This will also allow you to LOS the boss man's grenade launcher attacks as well. Kill the Shield guy, then move onto the medic, about half way through the medic it is good to start getting off heals from a DPS/healing class as the grenade launcher attacks hit anywhere from 800-1100 a hit and depending on your healer they will start to be getting low on energy/force towards the end.

That is it. I hope this helps those of you having issues with any of these, especially the last 4th group.