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Hi, lvl 50 sith warrior jugg tank here with a friendly reminder!

So you wanna run flashpoints? Oh you play dps? Take these tips with you!

1) Just because this is a new mmo doesnt mean you should forget everything you ever knew about running "dungeons". I am called "the tank" for a reason. I understand you are plowing through your story quests with ease but this isnt a class quest this is a dungeon. Stop crying about dying when your are pulling instead of me. As a matter of principle if someone keeps doing this on purpose I will let you die its the only way to teach someone not to do this.

2) This isnt wow and my aoe snap threat isnt that of a blood death knights. Oh i have some and it works but when you decide to open up with death from above on a group of 5 strongs and 2 elites without giving me a chance to do my aoe threat abilities dont cry when half the mobs stampede over to you and destroy your face and i let them.

3) "why did you put guard on me?" I put guard on you because if I am doing my job right and the healer is doing his job right he does not need threat. I need to put it on you because you are drawing alot of threat and i want to keep you alive.

4) "space bar plz" - some people like the cinematics, get over it.

5) That big glowing thing on the ground is not there for your health, dont stand in the fire.

6) do not stand in the fire...

7) >>do NOT stand in the fire<<



follow these simple steps and we will all get loot and be happy.
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