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I remember before this game came out, they were talking about how ops would be these epic battles or whatever. Having an encounter with a 5 or 6 minute enrage timer doesn't make it feel very epic. It would be one thing if 1 or 2 encounters had this, but every single boss in both ops and heroic flashpoints have some sort of enrage time.

The last encounter in EV has an enrage time of about 5:30 or 6 minutes. That's just silly to me. Thinking back to other MMO's, the final boss in a raid would be this long encounter which lasts 10-20 minutes.

Enrage timers seem like a easy way to make something difficult, without really spending the time to make the actual encounter hard. For example, if they would make SoA spawn more balls in phase 3 (every minute he adds 1 more ball to deal with) that's better then this hard enrage timer.
The way i see your post goes like this: Hi IM a bad player i cant dps the way im supposed to and i need to make the fight easier causse im bad.

This is exactly the kind of people that ruined wow with all the qqing.