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Alright, so we were pumped that a few of us got to 50 and ready to go crush some HM's, and we decided to run through Black Talon HM, and it went awesome. No glitches, everyone got upgrades, and was an awesome time.

So now we figured, alright, lets try something else. We did "Battle of Ilum" and we getting through it pretty good, of course, got face rolled at the over-tuned second or third boss, forget what one he is, so thats the extent of our Battle of Ilum experience. Was a blast and I almost enjoyed it being over-tuned as I miss the challenges of a good MMO

My question is, wheres the Loot? Killed 2 bosses, got nothing but crystals. Not to mention the chest never opened for us, so theres that too. There were other misc problems we were running into that i can't recall atm, but wanted to just right the general gist of what i was thinking.

This game is stupid fun and enjoyable, I love it. But the lack of polish on end game things so far is very disappointing. The patch today didn't address any of the issues we ran into. Among this as well is the 30 minutes it took for two of our party members to hunt down and find a quest just so they could get into Directive 7. Really?? you need a quest? Not to mention theres no "on-switch" for heroics. Just poor poor design, let us get in there, blow **** up and have fun.

Much love for bioware and the game they gave all of us. I am in no way saying the game should have been pushed back or anything like that, just saying people are starting to hit 50, and if everything they do is bugged, theyre gonna stop playing.
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