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12.27.2011 , 09:50 AM | #31
A boss without any dps requirement will just never ever feel like an epic struggle, just because you can easily just cheese it. Does it have to be a hard "you kill him in 10 minutes or die" mechanic ? No. But even with a soft enrage mechanic you still pretty much get the same result.

Tbh, it just seems like the OP doesn't like how short they are in this game. However that's a much deeper issue than you'd imagine. At the moment certain classes in this game just can't sustain interesting gamplay for long stretches of time. Almost every single fight in EV has long stretches of down-time for the diminshing return resource classes to reset. Sure, they could just make more of these non-action mechanics, but they are already repeated a few times in each fight and coming up with new ways of doing something interesting while not fighting isn't very simple.