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yes. that trend of pumping up the main character/player in games is irritating me to no end. its way out of bounds.

this has become a trend especially in rpgs. and bioware is taking it up way too much with its recent titles.

there is a point where pumping up crosses the ridiculous line, and it has been passed long ago.

you know what is much more believable and realistic ? being a participant in a grand story - just like how star wars is. all characters in star wars saga were just participants in a grand scheme of things - even luke was just another figure, like anakin, like yoda, they just played their part in how things have unfolded. none of them single handedly saved the galaxy.

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As much as there is to enjoy in the game there's one thing with the story that keeps bugging me: How often my actions have galactic level consequences. I'm not just talking about the main story.

Seems like every time I turn in a mission I'm told that my actions have saved countless lives. I've stopped lord knows how many Armageddons.

Being told how great I am time after time really dilutes the whole idea of the compliment. I get that the dialogue is supposed to come off as rewarding. But I don't need to hear of my awesomness again and again. Trust me... I know