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lol I find many things to laugh about but its just a game ya know. What are you gonna do?

I mean, I'm not saying "ZOMG this game sux becuz its so stupid!!!!1111!1!!". It is possible to like and enjoy a game while still noticing the more obvious... incongruities. Having been involved in a few large scale design projects, it's often the case something like this happens because Team A is doing quests and Team B is doing level design and deciding how often to place respawn nodes, and while they work off the same set of design documents, they might not coordinate more than that. Given the hundreds of quests, etc, it's unlikely each and every one was checked for logical consistency with every other one; that's got to be low down on the priority list, if it's on it at all.

It reminded me a little of some of the early Ultima Online quests, which were randomly generated; one time an armor vendor wanted me to bring him a chainmail shirt. I bought the shirt FROM HIM, then handed it to him and got five times what I paid for it as a quest reward. One time in Daggerfall, I was paid by one NPC to deliver a message to an NPC who was less than ten feet away in the same room. All-new material for tabletop RPGs (mostly D&D 4e), occasional rants, and original science fiction and fantasy.
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