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Yes, I think enrage timers are silly if they aren't supported by any kind of fluff relevant to the encounter. It just feels way too much like you're not heroic but getting through an encounter on luck alone - if there's no relevant plot/fluff reason for the boss to just take stuff and _not_ unload on your *** with everything he has right off the bat it's cheap.

In all, cheap, tedius, annoying and distinctly un-epic. Just shift it from a ridiculous self-buff to summoning masses of adds or something similar. It would certainly be less of a strain on suspension of disbelief.
well I feel heroic after I killed a boss that took skill and dedication and not LOLpewpew afk through it like the rest of the normal mode. The moment your heart gets pumped, you know it's heroic, not just the stuf hapening in the background (which I absolutely love the background atmosphere). The luck part of the encounter must've been bug, and I think bioware is fixing. The game is one week old, give it a break.