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12.27.2011 , 09:27 AM | #24
My visceral reaction was the same as yours: Enrage timers in this game's content so far are artificial difficulty and gating. After thinking about it though, enrage timers aren't inherently bad; They're not mutually exclusive with good encounter design.

There are far more resource management tools in this game than in its competitors, meaning if you have enough healers that you have excess global cooldowns, you'll never run out of mana. Again this isn't inherently bad design, since it's balanced by making damage high enough that excess global cooldowns are uncommon. In this system, enrage timers are needed to ensure that it's actually worthwhile to bring DPS rather than stack healers for longer but trivial kills.

Your complaint at the core really is, and I agree with wholeheartedly, that the content just isn't difficult enough. Instead of using hard modes as a way to implement more challenging mechanics, all they did was recycle the exact same fight but with increased damage output and health.