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12.27.2011 , 09:18 AM | #22
1, good dps beats enrage timer. learn to play your class or you don't deserve purple loot.

2, you already beat the mechanic first time around, hardmode is there for a reason... so it feels hard.

3. encounter lasts more than 6 min is a waste of time. We only live once, let's do more in less time.

4. You might argue point 3 and say wipe = more waste of time, well do better and one shot it everytime afterward.

5. I personally thought the game is easy until I tank my hardmode flash. I finally see potentiall end game. Nothing is hard unless it's bugged. Try harder please instead of making the game easier. Then you gonna have bunch of people complaining the game is too easy and blahblah gw2, arrow to the knee.

6. stop being lazy, figure stuf out, like dps rotation, stun rotation, tank position, healing priority, itemization in accordin to talent spec etc etc. It's the fun part of mmo.
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