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03.04.2015 , 12:57 PM
Such a thing is certainly possible, but there are downsides which is likely why they don't. Even slight changes to an ability's damage or behavior can have drastic effects on how a class is played. Also, say that they made some changes for PVP and left PVE alone, then on their next round of balance changes they go back and take a look at the class again. This time they want to change a little bit more. Do they change both PVP and PVE, or just one? What happens if they make a PVE change, would it cause issues with the PVP side too, do they clash? How about the next time they balance? Slowly you end up having two divergent specs that started the same but now play completely differently. Balance isn't always about slightly buffing damage here, or nerfing damage there.

I'm not saying what you're suggesting is impossible or a bad idea, but I can understand why they wouldn't want to go down that road.