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OK, I can accept a lot of silliness in MMOs due to the nature of the beast, the limitations of quest mechanics, the need to provide playability even at the cost of simulationism, and so on.

But sometimes, some things happen that are just so silly, you have to point them out, if only to laugh a bit.

On Balmorra, one quest involves going into a factory filled with insane killer droids, and finding an Imperial officer who is making a courageous last stand to fulfill his mission. He's badly wounded, barely holding on, stiff upper lip, cheerio, pip pip, etc, won't go home until he's done his job or died trying, yadda yadda...

Just around the corner there's a respawn point with a medical droid. He doesn't have to abandon his mission and return to base; he has to walk maybe 50 feet. (And based on the conversation text, he is capable of doing that if he wants to.)

I'd pay real good money for "Yo, doofus, did you know there's a medical droid fifty feet that way?" conversation option. Real good money. All-new material for tabletop RPGs (mostly D&D 4e), occasional rants, and original science fiction and fantasy.
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