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12.27.2011 , 09:04 AM | #19
seriously, get out.

Enrage timers are good. They are a way to determine if your group/raid has the dps or not. Simple. For example, there's only a handful of people i do Directive 7 Hardmode cause of Bulwark's enrage. (Is it too tight? yes, but that's another issue).

If there are no enrage timers you can just bring 4 healers and noone dies (doesnt matter that it takes forever to kill a boss, there's no enrage). Its people like you that ruined other games for some of us.

Bottomline: if you think enrage is silly, go get better gear, do it again and then talk about it.
(some enrage timers are too tight atm tough :P, maybe adding like 5secs on each)