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12.27.2011 , 09:04 AM | #18
All the suggestions sound boring to me.... no offense, but hard enrage timers are there to make you perform flawlessly while dealing with mechanics. There shouldn't be room for error. You should have to really work for a boss kill, not just jerk around for 20 minutes.

Now if the OP is suggesting he wants longer fights tuned to longer hard enrages, that I could get behind. But having a fight that you just zerg for 40 minutes with no worry concerning failure? Balls to that. SO boring.

And while it might be different in ops (not enough guildies to 50 with the holidays, though I'll know soon enough) HM flashpoint "enrages" are kind of a joke. I heal through them for a good long while if we hit them. It is by no means a "BOOM dead" moment. The boss just does more damage (go figure). You have cooldowns for a reason, plan to use them at enrage if you're hitting it. >.>

Also just for the record "soft enrages" are still, by design, impossible to manage once you get so far into them. It's a hard enrage with challenge leading up to it. /shrug. I don't mind them either, but to me they aren't any different, or any more forgiving.

tl;dr: I like my enrages, use your cooldowns and HIT IT LIEK U MEAN IT.
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