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12.27.2011 , 03:51 AM | #1

For a few days already my guild is progressing throught operations, but there are so many bugs that I'm already tired of opening tickets and I want a yellow post on this.

1.) hutt hospitality - unable to start boss fight until you use stuck ability jump down and get ressed by inquisitor who can sprint out of bug.

2.) hutt - boss is not leaving combat, so if raid wipes you need to reset and clear at least 2 packs and patrol again.

3.) eternity vault - if you stun both turrets on start of instance boss never appear and you need a reset.

4.) eternity - ancient pylons lootbox is bugged and only 1 person can loot badges, while others stay with nothing. You can't even get you epic from chest anymore.

5.) eternity - same as 4.) but with infernal council lootbox.

6.) eternity - noone in raid gets weekly quest on gnarj completed.

I had tickets open on each raid issue but they all were closed with a thank you macro.

We don't need thx we want our badges and loot.

Will try to post to rockjaw twitter as well to get this threat some attention.
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