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12.27.2011 , 03:46 AM | #1
So I just got my level 50 and I wanna test some hard flashpoints. I did the first questline/dailies on Ilum and picked up the Daily and weekly quests from the terminal in the republic fleet.

My question is, where should I hang out to look for a group? Ilum FPs are on Ilum only while the other FPs are available on the Republic fleet. Do people in endgame hang out on Ilum or the republic fleet??

When you land on Ilum, you see they want you to chill there because everything is available: the 2 FPs, trainers, Auction house, bank, mailbox, dailies. It's all there for your convenience, but the daily/weekly quest giver is on the republic fleet and there is no /serverwide chat or something for ppl looking to group up specifically for endgame stuff like hard FPs.