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12.27.2011 , 02:50 AM | #19
I have no issues with a server LFG tool being added to the game. I don't believe that it would destroy the community aspect of SWTOR at all as long as it was in server. I am very much against the addition of cross-server LFG. Main reasons are because it breeds self entitled a-holes. How polite do you really think people are when there is a damn fine chance the 3 'random' people they are suddenly grouped with will never see them again?

This type of freedom is what killed the close knit community in WoW. BEfore cross-server lfg we all knew who the ******es were on our server. You knew who didnt care to understand their characters mechanics. And those were the people who were rightfully ostracized by the community. You were an *** to work with, well you didn't get to run stuff. Ninja looter? Well good luck ever getting anyone to trust you on a run again. With the addition of cross-server LFG it was a crap shoot.

It was mostly a safety feature to help ensure that people were somewhat civilized. Because there were consquences to being a douche.