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12.27.2011 , 02:39 AM | #17
Its not just me who got dissapointed after BT/essels then.. I agree that this is a bit like conan were the low level areas were cool with voice dialogs and stuff. But the game died right after leaving the low level areas.

Its kinda like lie to the players becasue what you see in low level areas is what you expect to see during late game

The game shouldnt get worse anyway, like this seem to get :/

I also agree with the difficulty setting being too easy. everything is just tank and spank. If this aint getting better i suppse, we once again have to return to wow to get some challange..
Even thought that game has been nerfed too much.

Please BW, we dont want to go back to wow, wich we have played for what, 6 years?