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Every FP is just a long, narrow gauntlet of enemies with a boss at certain checkpoints
Unfortunately i have to highlight this part and agree with it completely. Every single instance i have done so far (last i've done was Maelstrom Prison) is completely dull and too easy.

I mean it is almost impossible to die in those instances. You can leave 2 of your teammates clear everyhting while you and the 4th person go for a cig or make a sandwhich.

Every instance so far was just basically the same with just different settings in some (Athiss, Taral V) but almost the same in others.

The difficulty level of the instances should really go higher, health of mobs higher and add a variety of skills to those mobs especially to bosses because almost every single boss is just a tank and spank with few exceptions.

I hope that higher level flashpoints will be much more interesting.
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