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I don't think that that all Flashpoints should have as much dialogue as BT however they need to have more than what they've got currently. Most WOW dungeons that have come out in the last coulpe years have more story than the average Flashpoint.

Personally I think if the Flashpoints had half as much dialogue as BT and Esseles that would be good. But they should the occasional throw in dialogue heavy or dialogue light Flashpoint to change up the pace.

Having the first be so involving and then having loads of virtually dialogue free ones is definitely not the way it should be.
I agree. They don't need to have as many dialogs and scripted scenes as BT, of course, but a 1-2 option dialog before boss fights, at least, would be nice, to give them a little bit of personality and context to remember them by, currently they feel no better than nameless trash mobs with a lot of hp and additional tactical quirks.

Also, the devs could simply introduce the option to group rules (similar to looting options) to skip interactive dialogs for those grinding an instance for the n-th time. That would be a win/win, I think.
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