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It's one of your three highest damage, most efficient primary attacks, ahead of High Impact Bolt in DPS and second only to HIB in efficiency (damage per ammo point). There's a reason you get it at level 2; it's one of your bread-and-butter damage dealing and threat generation abilities, and many talents are built around buffing it, procing it, or procing off of it, as you rise through the talent trees.
Thank you - I took another quick look at the talents and you have clarified that perfectly. I expect it will be very early spent talent points for most people in that case.

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The main reason you want Gut is because it carries a DOT that lasts as long as its cooldown, meaning you can have it always running. And HIB requires a target that is either incapacitated or has a DOT running, so Gut gives you basically on-demand HIB as long as you can keep it going.
Yeah, my only issue with Gut is that it seems great for soloing but potentially the *main* reason that people keep giving is lost in a raid or group where you will likely have plenty other dots on a mob. If it was *just* for enabling HIB, I think outside of a small two man part or solo, it is likely to be excessive to our needs.

I should say, I really do like the look of gut. Long term (or medium term at least) it seems to deal more damage than energy blast (since it has both the kinetic hit and internal bleed dot) although the downside being sustaining it vs. getting the energy cell boost off of energy blast.