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Yeah, it's the fact we can't help out the leftovers in our guild run it after one group goes through all 8 of them are now locked for the week and the leftover members, if there isn't another 8, get shafted and feel bad since they weren't in the other group.

In dcuo we would run raids 2 or 3 times again for other members that weren't part of static groups due to varying availabilities. Members that already ran it once that week were just loot locked, which is the way all mmos should go so they can promote helping guildies. Like I said before, this system is archaic. Even lotro stopped doing that.
You gear up way too fast if you dont have a weekly lockout, it forces every serious raid guild to run each raid 32+ times every week which is just way too much burnout.

Player 1 + 15 lootlocked players
Player 1's main alt + 15 lootlocked players
Player 2 + 15 lootlocked players
Player 2s main alt + 15 lootlocked players
Player 3 + 15 lootlocked players
Player 3s main alt + 15 lootlocked players

etc etc...

It just gives vastly too much gear in too short a time if you implement the method you are suggesting.