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At the moment, the abnoxious sith sorcerer who has been there for 5mins spamming "LFG" 5 lines every 30 seconds, can get into a group before someone who has been waiting for like 30min and not being a moron about it.
I doubt that. If he was looking for over 5 minutes, this either means a) there were no groups during that time, b) no one wanted to group with him or c) a lot of people already have him on ignore.

be a jerk and play alone. be a valuable player and a nice person, and people will ask you directly if you want to group with them. and yes, this works for DDs too.

Quote: Originally Posted by marlomarlo View Post
Opposing an LFG tool on the grounds that it will destroy the community and ruin the game is like opposing gay marriage because you think it'll destroy civilization and ruin heterosexual marriage.
seriously, I've read a lot of arguments pro/con dungeon finder with a lot of comparisons, but yours won the top spot for being the most rubbish.
so rubbish actually you're a hot contender for the lifetime award....

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Everyone should be able to do any fp at any time of the day/night imo. Having content/entertainment denied just cause the server is dead at weird hours or there doesn't happen to be people caring about what you want to farm is just terrible.
yeah, because you can always get a group for every level 24/7 in wow

protip: being one of the rare lvl50 on a server means the pool is equally low in numbers. your math skills should help you figure out the rest.