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Hey everyone,

My name is Xam Xam (or Xami) and I'd like to introduce you all to my Website!

I started the site in December 2014 and have been able to keep it going all these years, mostly.

Xam Xam Says is a Gaming Blog/Website featuring articles with the latest news and opinions about the MMORPG Star Wars The Old Republic and occasionally other gaming content. The site has a mix of news, reviews, opinions, suggestions and the odd guide written in a thoughtful and deliberate manner with a hint of humour.

Here are some of my Guides!

5.5 PvP Gearing Guide
NEW! PvP Healers Guide to Cleansing (A good read for DPS too!)
5.4 Commando/Mercenary PvP Healing Guide
Odessen Proving Grounds Warzone Guide

Here are my more recent Articles!

News: Why the Conquest start time got moved Six hours
Latest Blog Posts: No, The Old Republic Doesn’t Need Vanilla Servers, My Cartel Pack Decoration Wishlist, My Top 10 Healing Pet Peeves in SWTOR
Featured Blog Post: SWTOR’s Autumn Road Map Overview
SWTOR Weekly: (haven't done one for a while due to busy IRL)

I'll keep this thread updated and bump it once or twice a week depending on how many posts I write. Any feedback is appreciated!
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5.9 Mercenary/Commando PvP Healing Guide
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