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12.26.2011 , 08:22 PM | #10
Speaking for a 31pt madness or Wrath/CL build, you really don't need to be bursty like some other classes. Both these builds have amazing mobility, escapes and great sustained dps.

Playing a ranged class is all about positioning, knowing where to stand, where to LOS, ect.. If you can do that you can dominate and put out amazing pressure against multiple opponents. You don't need insane burst, that would push these 2 builds over the top.

Don't let your health get low either, if your being sniped down or whatever use your CC breaker or sprint to get to LOS and throw a heal or 2, re-shield and get back out there even if your at like 75% hp.

If you can position yourself, micromanage your dots/deathfeild/cc you will top damage and kills every WZ your enter and do quite a bit of healing.