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Both darkov and Neverknowenuff listed some pretty specific details about the kind of grouping tool they would like to see. Several others have also expressed support for such a system as long as it's not cross-server. The issue of ninja looting that Empire_of_Dirt specifically mentioned is also on my mind, and I've only played SWTOR for ten days without any looting concern from my previous Guild Wars experience. Andrewie's concern about the pressure to reduce FP difficulty also sounds quite valid. Certainly any grouping tool that reduces the quality of group content will do more harm than good.

A couple of responders, on the other hand, seem to simply reject the tool on principle. As others have pointed out, these few not only reject such a system themselves, they don't want others to have it either. I do not feel such selfish objections contribute to the cause against a grouping tool. Perhaps a separate thread of simply voting for or against the tool is more appropriate for it...

In any case, this thread has generated some great responses from people with material concerns about the grouping tool. I have learned some new things. It has also shown me that people who reject such a tool due to purely personal distaste are few (or at least, only a few has decided to speak up), and many want a better system, though the exact nature of that is still in debate. I hope more people who have objective concerns will bring it up in this thread. Perhaps even here a compromise can be reached.
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