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(class operative)

I would like to bring up an annoying topic if you play any stealth class to see if I'm alone on this or not or if anyone knows if it will be fixed or not. The problem is when going into a dialogue scene in a mission that leads directly into a fight. If you're a stealth class this is overly annoying. I rarely get time to stealth before the NPC attacks me and if I do stealth well they attack me in stealth anyway.

Another annoying part is even if I use Cloaking Screen(equivalent to vanish) I either get stuck in combat or the NPC continues to attack me. If I get stuck in combat I either have to die to reset it or sit and wait for Cloaking screen cool down to come up again.

I cannot stress how irritating this is along with just the fact that Cloaking Screen continually glitches...

I also did not use the search bar to look for similar topics because I don't think this this is a problem that should of been overlooked.

-ty, gl hf.
i play assassin. i actually came across a fight on tatooine that cloaking didn't get me out of. however, i was in a story phase. if you find that you're cloak didn't work, run out of the phase until combat resets. annoying, but you don't have to die.