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My problem with it is the people that write it for example

Remember in RoTJ when Luke asks Leia if she remembers her Mother? And she says she died when she was really young and that she only remembers her being sad.

Well in reality when that scene was written they were actually talking about Luke and Leias mother (padme didn't exist at this point) and she didn't die in child birth.

After the prequels that changed everything and we don't really have an official explanation except we know that Lucas changed it.

HOWEVER the article in Wookiepedia written by the most hardcore fanboys don't acknowledge that.

they say Leia remembers her mother Padme when she was born and for the 30 secs they were together.

The people that write Wookiepedia are so obsessed with Star Wars they refuse to accept any inaccuracies with the source material.
So...having inaccuracies is a good thing your saying?
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