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I think it has more to do with the spotty nature of the EU then it does with the fact that it is a wiki. There is some amazing stuff in the EU, imo some of the greatest characters, some of the most compelling villains, etc... But there is also a lot of stuff that sort of stands against reason and seems to be nothing more than really terrible fan-fic writing. There is a trend of turning minor movie characters into super-powerful super-complex characters when there is no point. There is also a trend of bending the main cast from the movies in so many different ways that they lose all personality and charm.

I have a pretty neutral stance on the EU, i love some of it, some of it I think we would be better off without. I think that star wars is so near and dear to so many people's hearts that linking the IG-88 wookiepedia page during a heated discussion of his actions during Episode V and revealing that he was the death star probably won't make too many people happy.