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12.26.2011 , 03:53 PM | #4
Ugh my brain fart of a group who didn't know the place just ran in without knowing it was a boss or who to attack and spread out leaving the 2 guys with guns to eat the healers *** with no tanking on em. I was gunna mark and explain till they pulled before i'd even started typing.

They also wiped on the first boss cause they dps'd boss instead of dogs cause they were trying to CC the dogs and pulled without knowing it too.

Sad to say but people were more patient in WoW lol at least over there not every group just did back to back pulls without looking at what they pulled or waiting for explanations if they don't know it and they waited on healers mana in most groups.

Here you can't salvage in instances cause your mid looting and they pull and it won't let you loot or you are slicing a lift and going up and they pull instead of going up lift.

Its only this last 2 groups its bugged cause my first group wiped a few times and didn't have the issue.