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I noticed its been 12 hours or more cience I should of gOtten an email and I checked my account and it said I did in my key. But I clicked am I eligible to get acass and it said I did not enter a key. ***. it says I need to enter a key again and when I do it I get an error saying I have entered that same key. I'm confused if I am able to get EA or not. If not I want my 5$ back. PLEASE HELP!!!!!
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Hi everyone,

Let me take a moment to try to clarify as much as I can here.

Due to an unexpected early delivery of the game in parts of Europe, people DO have their physical, retail copies of the game with actual DVDs inside. These people are running into issues once they try to input their RETAIL KEY CODE onto the website. This is what we resolved for the users that I called out in my previous post.

The OTHER issue relates to people experiencing issues with their PRE-ORDER CODE for early game access. In Europe, some retailers put out a box with a pre-order code in it. This is NOT the retail key code. This is still a PRE-ORDER CODE.

We are actively working on resolving the issues for both cases. It seems to be related to users who tried to enter EITHER their RETAIL KEY CODE or their PRE-ORDER code between December 8th and December 9th.

Please allow us some time to resolve these accounts affected.

If you DID NOT attempt to input EITHER code between December 8th and December 9th, and you are still experiencing issues, please post with the message: "I did not enter a code between December 8th and December 9th and I am still having issues"

I hope that this clears things up. I've tried to explain this as clearly as I can
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Updated information from buddies of mine already in game

1. Pre-order codes from origin/amazon/etc are independent of the CHECK MARK of "Product registration Code" in your Accounts.

They do NOT effect your eligability to receive an invite into early access.

3 of my buddies are already in game, and have stated to this fact.

When the game is released... Dec 20th... THAT is when you need to enter your product registration codes on the TOR site.

To clarify: The product registration code is independent of your pre-order codes. You will be eligable to get early access with your pre-order codes, however on Dec 20th. You will receive a retail code from your respective digital download sites. Such as Origin or Amazon. This is the code that needs to be entered in the "Product Registration Code" The UNCHECKED that we all see.
Hope this helps. Was posted in another thread.