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How come everyone doesn't like it when its used to reference something? Ya I know it can be edited, but come on...who is going to sit around days on end to change a bunch of stuff knowing if they do they can be caught by Lucasarts and deal with legal issues. (I'm just taking a guess that people do get in trouble, for changing something about a franchise that wasn't done without permission) They probably don't get in trouble, but still I really doubt anyone would sit around and change a bunch of stuff. If Wookieepedia is so bad to you folks, how can it be exactly?

Theres information about characters, and there are source links citing where each piece of information came from. So whats the deal folks? Just because some people can't spend hours and a ton of money to buy books and the like, read through all of them to get information they can get from wiki doesn't mean their arguments are invalid. Now can they be invalid? Of course they can, if someone has proof from a book or what have you saying such and such but even then its worded differently and the wiki can't cram every single line from every book so they sumirize it nicely.

If its so bad as people claim it to be, why have a SW wiki anyway? Obviously since most don't seem to like it, why have it? In fact why have a wiki about anything anyway?

Anyway just wanted to throw this out there, because it somewhat bugs me so lets get some responses going.
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