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12.26.2011 , 01:21 PM | #17
I maxed out affection with Ashara pretty quickly once I got past the initial phase. Remember, you're trying to convert a light side Jedi into following the path of the dark side Sith so she's going to be hesitant at first. As mentioned earlier, at first she'll only give +24, +36, etc affection. However, once you progress her storyline and make the right dialog decisions she'll start accepting your luxuries and courting gifts which will net +190 affection gain for a blue gift. Affection has levels like any other xp/rep in the game. Every 2000 affection = 1 rank. You receive 50% of the affection if the gift is a level below your companions current affection level and gifts over their current rank don't really provide any increased gain. Bottom line, give her time, make the right dialog choices, and soon you'll be able to power level her affection through blue weapon and courting gifts that match her current affection rank.