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12.26.2011 , 12:56 PM | #1
So I'm doing Hammer Station for the first time on my Powertech. We're at the final boss, he's at 3% health, then he suddenly does an AOE knockback and pushes me off the ledge. That's a cool fight mechanic, I think as my character falls to his death.

Then I see a loading screen. After waiting what feels like forever I am back in the Imperial Fleet. I quickly try to run back in before group is done with the instance, which crashes my TOR client.

Alright, I'm frustrated. I log back in (of course it takes forever again) to find my self still in the Fleet. My group informs me he dropped a BH gun and helmet, but there is no way to get the loot from them. To top it off I didn't even get credit for the quest.

Net result is an hour of my time wasted. I'm very happy with TOR, this has been my first "feel bad" moment even counting other bugs.

So is this really working as intended? Why the heck does it zone you out? Dying I'm cool with, its a neat fight mechanic (and you better believe I won't let it happen again). Why does it kick you out of the whole instance rather then just drop your corpse on the side of the ledge?