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I have always been curious about this. Anakin was a boy who grew up to learn the ways of the jedi. Anakin became a jedi and then betrayed the republic for the empire. His master became Darth Sidious who was a Sith. If Anakin who is Darth Vader was taught by darth Sidious the ways of the Empire..that would make Vader a Sith right? Well then why cant he shoot lightning out of his hands? I would think that would be the first things Darth Sidious would teach his apprintcie since that is the main thing he does. I know darth Vader can force choke which is also a Sith thing, bt why cant he shoot lightning?
Vader is also totally encased in a mechanical life support suit <_< He would have no incentive to generate an ability that could be reflected back on him and in all likelihood kill him from mechanical failure.
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