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12.13.2011 , 04:02 PM | #10
OP where did you get your numbers?

and who cares who gets to 50 first we will all be there eventually, and when you get in ( im guessing it will be either tomorrow or the next day) you can level your heart out to get to 50... 1-2 days is minimal in the long run. They could have kept it at 5 days and you might only get 2

and dont pull out the who name bull crap... if your name was that easy to loose on the first day it wasnt that good of a name...

im tired of people acting all entitled... guess what we entered the code later than those who are in there right now... we have to wait because we waited to put in the code...

And if i dont have to sit and wait in queues because they spaced it out im happy