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Well, we where trying out Hutt Hospitality just now, and its bugged. When you get in to the building and get tossed down in to the pit. You cant do ****. You just stand there, dead or alive and nothing more to it. Cant continue.

For Eternity Vault. I dont know what happend. But the turrets before the first boss just takes a tank with 16-17k health down to 0 in about a second. And they target the healers (in this case me and another) and we get like 2 shotted in about a second aswell. All this on normal. Its probably not a bug, but I do not understand this.

Im used to wiping, I've been playing hardcore for years in WoW. But this was not the traditional wiping cause we did something wrong. It was wiping cause it was not healable.. Someone care to explain how you did this?
Turrets are bugged, its confirmed and fixed in the coming patch 1.01
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