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12.26.2011 , 11:25 AM | #9
I'm not really feeling it through level 20 yet.
I have all of my skills trained up max.
My gear is blue plus in all slots(ranging from level 13-level 19)
I pretty much pick the best in slot off the market.
Slicing has definately helped me with my style of play(I hate crafting)
I normally just save about 7-10k credits and go buy something,leapfrogging the *type* of upgrade.

I use tokens for my chest slot and weapon slot.I can get them to around prototype level without fuss.AM I fully decked in purples? no.Having a ball playing the game though.

Ya'll quit worrying about the market.It will correct itself in time.

(for the record I run a level 20 commando)