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12.13.2011 , 04:00 PM | #4
Did you even bother reading the notes attached to the e-mails sent to you by BW, on your account OR actually on the SWTOR launcher???

In three seperate locations it says that until you receive an e-mail from BW stating that you can enter the Early Access play NOW you will not be allowed in. If they let in all the pre-ordered players at the same time the game would crash, simple as.

Please feel free to read ALL information given to you by BW in the future, especially as they went out of their way to put it in multiple locations.


Further more, they DID mention from the very beginning of releasing 'early access' information that it would be UP TO 5 days before hand, NOT that it would be 5 days flat out. Don't blame BW because you cannot read properly. In addition to this they then quickly followed this up with information stating that the order for allowing people INTO early access would be based upon the order that people registered their pre-order codes. Its very simple to understand and it makes sense.
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