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At level 50 you can get daily and weekly quests at the PVP bounty board in the combat training area of carrick / vaiken station.

PVP daily at 50 = win 3 times in WZ = 1 Battlemaster bag (need valor 60 to open), it can give you a chance at battlemaster tokens which you trade for battlemaster gear (tier 3 pvp gear) and/or champion commendations (which you can buy champion gear with, tier 2 pvp). IMPORTANT NOTE ALL BM BAGS ARE UNIQUE, IF YOU PUT MORE THAN ONE IN YOUR INVENTORY IT WILL REPLACE (DELETE) THE BAG ALREADY THERE, you can keep one in your bank and inventory if you so choose, no reason too though The Only way to get BM boxes is through daily / weekly quest or Ilum and regular pvp quests.

Or you can choose a champion bags (which you can open right away at 50), which drops centurion comms (buys tier 1 pvp gear) and/or a chance at a champion gear token (tier 2 PVP). [B]THE QUEST REWARD CHAMPION BAGS ARE NOT UNIQUE[B]

Weekly win 9 WZ = rewards = 2 champion bags, choice between another champion bag or battle-master bag.

Weekly quests reset on Tuesday, dailies reset at 6 am server.

Ilum daily - flip 5 points (repairing base, blowing up walkers / imp crawlers at south, central, and north, and blowing up main guns at enemy base (2 of them)) gets you a quest credit.

Ilum weekly - Flip 15 points ^, I haven't confirmed it yet for live but in beta if you controlled a point and killed an opposing faction member there (in area) you got a credit toward your quest. Note you always get a stacking valor buff that applies to warzone valor gains that persists through death for killing any opposing faction member stacks up to 5x (200% valor gain from warzones) and for flipping points. You can only flip a point if its controlled and vulnerable by the opposing faction.

Ilum daily / weekly give same rewards as Daily / weekly warzone pvp quests. They are great way to get gear, do them all to get decked out (RNG FTL).

IMPORTANT:: ALL PVP GEAR CENTURION, CHAMPION, AND BATTLEMASTER SHARE SET BONUSES You can wear 1 piece of centurion 2 pieces of champion 1 piece of battlemaster and get the 4 piece bonus. THE SET BONUS DOES NOT DISPLAY ON VENDOR (BUG) BUT WILL WHEN IN YOUR INVENTORY

To ensure you buy the right set look at and it will show you your set bonuses DO NOT BUY THE WRONG SET PIECE!

Final Warning, The Champion bags you can buy (from pvp vendors) with 200 merc comms (trade 30 wz comms for 10 merc comms at pvp vendor) and 200 warzone comms is UNIQUE

If i could, i would recommend this post for a Sticky.

Im only level 31 but this post has been VERY helpful to help me understand how it works.
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