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This is something I've heard dozens of times but I never actually appreciated it till I rolled an Empire alt.

Now usually I tend to play the cliched 'goodie goodie' types in RPGs so naturally I was always going to affiliate myself with the Republic. As far as questing went it was OK, a couple of quest storylines were pretty well done but nothing groundbreaking as far as I recall.

I then roll an IA and suddenly realise there's a world of difference. Not only did the IA story eclipse all the republic class stories put together, but even the general Empire quests had me glued to the screen, eagerly awaiting what happens next. I now find myself playing mainly on the Empire side solely for the story and atmosphere, despite the faction not fitting my character personality whatsoever. I then go back and play my republic characters and find it difficult to keep myself interested with their cliched do-gooder rhetoric, as if I'd been spoiled by the epicness of the Empire.

Anyone else feel the same way? I mean do you think BioWare had actually been more creative when it came to writing for the Empire side of things, or do you think its the nature of the Empire itself which makes it more intriguing for players?
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