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the main issue for me is.. look how much effort and detail they have put into the PvE side of things.. PvP has been little more than a box ticking exercise, no world pvp, playing the same HUTTBALL map over and over not to mention the long wait times to do so and having lvl10s fighting lvl 50s.
TBH this was what i afraiding of most!

Devs of AoC killed a game and did not even bother themselves to listen playerbase once to hear whats what. They just pretented to do so but never provided what the players need. So, its an old story and i won't make comparison between SWTOR and AoC.

The point is devs are limit themselves and tend to listen players whom mostly not true challengers but only carebears. I hope Bioware figures out what the PvP players really need besides enjoying truly epic storyline and exceptionally crafted worlds and all lore. I really enjoy making quests and leveling up while shaping up my story in Star Wars universe.

What i'm looking forward to see mostly, "real serious" efforts and innovative at least satisfying steps to make PvP gamers happy. Rewarding the world PvP by real achievements, titles etc is the first step imo. Personally i prefer spontaneous challenges and battles between teams and such rather than premade based warzones...

I trust in Bioware and i trust in their positive approach towards the playerbase. Hence i prefer to keep playing in a small pace and not rushing to hit high levels until i enjoy real world pvp.
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