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1) After GSF games half my UI disappears forcing me to re-log (one in 50-ish games event)
Very rarely have seen something similar to this. At times, my zone out will remove my GUI, and Ctrl+U spam often repairs it. Not common for me at all.

2) The icon for Ion rail gun on the Redeemer displays the same picture as the slug rail gun
This bug is well known in the forums, the devs have never commented on it. This seems to be related to the fact that the cartel ships have very little resources specific to them, such that, for instance, the type 2 cartel gunship always has a generic missile icon, or the type 1 cartel gunship always has a generic railgun icon. If you will notice, your ion, plasma, and slug models on the ship are all identical, and this is likely related to them sharing the same icon.

This problem is shared by three of the five cartel ships, in fact. The TZ-24 does not change its icon when switching primary weapons (most players of this ship use the firing arc to distinguish instead, so not a big problem), the K-52 does not change its icon when switching secondary weapons (many players of this ship switch between a railgun and a torpedo, such that the ammo appearing or disappearing solves it, but those who run double railgun face the same problem you describe, and those who run double torp face a lesser one, as the ammo counts are separate which aids in distinction, and the arcs can be specced separate as well). And of course, the VX-9 doesn't get an update when it switches betwixt, and this is generally the most harmful of it.

It's on my list:

3) Their is no audio for afterburners on Redeemer
Have never seen this. What OS are you running?

4) Tier 4/5 choices for upgrades reset to default mysteriously
As was stated, this only happens if you unselect a component and then reselect it. What happens is, YOU have a "slot 1 tier 4 selector", not the weapon itself. So if you deselect quad lasers, while unselected it has NOTHING picked. You can demonstrate this: queue GSF normally, then select any ship, and pick a component that is mastered but not active on that ship- say when you queued your Starguard had mastered ion cannon and mastered heavy laser selected (whether or not the Starguard is on your bar). Pick the Starguard while queued, then pick your mastered Rapid Fire Lasers. You will note that every tier is unlocked, but only the first three have the bold "you have picked this talent" marker around them. The final two tiers are unlocked but not selected. If you were to have pressed this button when you were not queued, it would have picked your Rapid Fire Lasers, then defaulted your selectors to the left positions.
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