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As a fellow PvPer, I can understand your frustrations to a degree. I wan't to be able to Q with 8 people. I don't want to be kicked from my group everytime I Q. I want some more balance. New warzones. Arena. Ect ect ect.

These are all things that will need to be looked at, but you are all expecting them to start address this soon. And it's not going to happen for atleast awhile. The main reason, is most people are not even 50 yet. And once that happens, people will be gearing up for the next month afterwards.

Just take a big breath, and realize this game JUST launched, SIX days ago. So don't rush off back to whatever game you came from, and just enjoy swtor for the awesome game it is now... if they still haven't given us what we want after a few months, WE WILL STORM AUSTIN IN FULL!
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