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I love how WoW is always the so-called standard, yet so many people are leaving it for so many reasons including lack of community, which was destroyed by the so-called tool you are so desperately requesting.

Again, in another thread about the stupid LFG tool I will say, join a guild and problem solved.
Pople say WoW was destroyed for every frigging reason.

The LFG tool made the game more fun for me because I didn't have to wait hours to get groups just to have some one leave because they had to have dinner or something. With that tool I got a group within 10 mins and we were in the dungeons and having a blast.

The reason why the worlds are dead are because of the linear structure where most players are at the end game. It happens in these linear based theme park MMOs and guess what more people quit the game because they can never find a group and get bored playing alone and waiting.

What ruined WoW for me? It got OLD and that is the main reason for everyone else, you cannot play a game for 6 years without it getting old. For me personally I was bored of it after a year because that is longer than Iv'e played any game without getting bored. I loved SWG Pre CU but I got bored of playing for a year and took a break for 6 months.

What WoW needs is a way of making the games server into one where it can clone multiple instances of the same zone so EVERYONE who is playing can play together. Server communities are ******** because in 6 months time when this game has settled down and everyone is at the end game, good luck getting a group without a cross realm LFG tool.

Like "oh Battlegrounds killed World PVP"........ no nothing to fight for kill world PVP

Just put this tool into the game or a lot more people will quit.