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100% agreed, haven't managed to run a single heroic (or normal for that matter) if i don't count those made with a full guild group, which is plain wrong. Sure, we farm hcs with our own group, but if any of us (or even 2-3 just missing 1) want to get things going with randoms it's a nightmare.

Everyone should be able to do any fp at any time of the day/night imo. Having content/entertainment denied just cause the server is dead at weird hours or there doesn't happen to be people caring about what you want to farm is just terrible.

Here's a couple examples why the current stone age system is bad:

1)Just a couple days ago some random asked me if i wanted to do dir7 normal, so mind you, not even an hc or anything difficult, i said ok as i was just clearing corellia for the sake of it since the day i made 50 i had barely started that planet. Well, he/we couldn't find people no matter what, for 1,2,3 hours he kept searching, he even started asking for just 45+ people.

2)During a hc with randoms at some point a guy decided he couldn't be arsed to finish it and left, couldn't find a replacement for over an hour so we just gave up. BUT HEY at least we can blacklist that random who left, amirite? .. sigh. We would have rather have had someone insta joining via queue when the ***** left.

3)I'd like to make more examples on why this is terrible but truth is that aside from those 2 runs i couldn't even manage to get anything going (or joining).

Furthermore, the fleet system is nice and roleplayish but, seriously, when you've run instances 10+ times, all the loadings, taxis, recalls, elevators, whatever, get really ANNOYING AS HELL. It would be fine if it was a single player, but it isn't, mmos need functionality above everything else, come on. Force people to get the quest or discover entrances the first time maybe, sure, but after that, it shouldn't be required anymore.

tl:dr - wow's dungeon finder tool should be copy pasted into this game cause the current system is terrible in the long run and we aren't in 1999 anymore.
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