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The dogs: tank the main, burn the adds (no need to tank them, just keep your healer guarded)

With the 4 bosses: I found it effective to have the tank grab aggro while everybody else breaks LoS using one of the sets of crates off the side. After grabbing the bosses, the tank follows the rest of the group to whichever side they go. Burn down the Inquisitor first, then Warrior, then ranged.

The last boss, you've got it basically right. That's what my group did and we beat him without realizing one of our DPS was AFK.

Either I just had a fantastic group or this FP is too easy.

I've only done this FP once as I have been abroad since early access ended and don't want anybody to rely on me when I can't play properly, but these strats worked for myself and my group, including when we 3-manned the final boss.
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